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Our latest investment portfolio.

Are you looking at investing in a property  within the North East of England?  We can provide advice and estimate the potential yield so that you make the most profitable decision. Our experience in the area is comprehensive with our own investment being substantial.

Our advice is always dealt with by our in house, property investment specialist that has been investing in, and developing property within the North East for over 30 years. Our specialist is tuned into the local market and is a safe pair of hands for those that may be new at investment or are not as au fait with the local market to make a comfortable decision.

We specialise in managing your investment.

At Carter Properties we know that property investment can be both stressful and time consuming.  We aim to make your property investment straightforward. Contact us today to discuss your property investment needs and find out how we can help you.

Everyone who wants to buy a property as an investment has their own unique investment goal therefore you receive a 'one-to-one' service to meet your individual needs. This includes:


Understanding your property investment goals.

From the initial conversation or meeting, we create a perspective of what you are looking for in terms of budget and buy to let investment yield. We will then provide advice on the best locations and type of investment property to meet your needs. 


What next...?  Sourcing your next North of England buy to let investment property.

Working to your brief we will source the best property investment opportunities across the North of England. Investment opportunities will be sent to you via email including details on the potential rental income and any renovation suggestions to maximise the yield on your investment. We can then arrange viewings for you directly with the selling agent, or attend on your behalf if preferred.


Expert advice before you invest.

Viewing investment opportunities, either with you or on your behalf, allows us to fully evaluate the properties investment potential before you decide to make offer on the property. We can also attend viewings, giving expert advice on development and renovation works. From viewing the property pre-purchase we can advise on:

Renovation plan (including break down of costs and timescales for work)


We can advise you throughout the negotiation and buying process, including advice on the buying price and the effect that this will have on yield, in addition to assisting in negotiations with the selling agent. 


Project management

When investing in a ‘buy to let’ property, it is often the case that a higher yield can be achieved by purchasing a property requiring renovation work. These properties can often be bought at under market value. Examples of renovation works to increase investment yield can include:

  • Redecoration throughout

  • Replace kitchen and/or bathroom

  • Creation of additional bedroom

  • Replace windows

Once the property sale has been secured, we can project manage any renovation works to get the property ready for your tenants as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality of work, using our own builders and trusted local contractors. 

Our experience and knowledge in the local market is exemplary with a portfolio of over 300 properties in the local area that we currently own and manage. Our buying specialists are always searching for potential investment opportunities and are at the cutting edge of today’s market in the North East of England.

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